“Unlocking the Power of Software-Defined Connectivity: A Silent Revolution in the Digital World”

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Parlacom Brazil and its parent company, LeadingQuest in the USA, are closely working with major players and solutions providers, already offering advanced IoT services that incorporate AI and ML tools.

Connectivity has become an essential commodity in the digital world, enabling new use cases that improve our lives and boost sustainability. We have gone through three phases of connectivity evolution, with the current phase being Software-Defined Connectivity. This phase is marked by the abstraction of connectivity from the physical layer, with operators now offering it as a scalable cloud service through APIs and other cloud best practices. This shift has led to the emergence of new use cases like autonomous vehicles and drones. Mobile network operators are also adapting to this new paradigm, with the introduction of eSIMs and the availability of their digital core as an open-source or SaaS product. This shift is driven by the growing demand for global access and cost-effective connectivity. Software-Defined Connectivity is not just about solving one specific problem; it acts as an enabler for developers to build upon, similar to how hyperscalers paved the way for innovative companies in the past. This silent revolution is paving the way for new, groundbreaking applications and devices.

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